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January 21 2020

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January 20 2020

By Carving Into a Text, Artist Guy Laramée Finds a New Way to Excavate Meaning

“Dedo de Deus”

There’s a well-known saying that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. For Guy Laramée (previously), though, a books’ contents aren’t the only important aspect either. The Montreal-based artist repurposes encyclopedic volumes and series of dictionaries to create topographic carvings that dip into and excavate the pages, framing the physical object as a work of art in itself. Laramée’s latest projects include a piece with minuscule carved steps scaling a mountainside and another with moss-covered ridges jutting up from low valleys. His work titled “Journey to the Center of the” features two side-by-side texts with a cavernous hole bored through them, piercing entirely through to the other side.

In 2018, the artist released a TEDx talk titled “No outside,” in which he considers conceptions of art in an age that fosters a growing addiction to ideas, leaving little room for contemplation. He refers to his text-based projects as being the perfect medium for exploring his “love-hate relationship with intellectual knowledge, (his) critique of the ideologies of progress, and the idea that true knowledge could very well be an erosion,” as he explores questions about the relationship between meaning, emotion, and art, more broadly.

Additional philosophical musings can be found on Laramée’s site, while he shares more of his quarried landscapes on Instagram.

Left: “Brazil II.” Right:”Chinese Sanscrit”

“Chinese Sanscrit”

“Nouveau Larousse universal”


Left: “Humanités.” Right: “Journey to the Center of the”



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January 19 2020

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January 18 2020


January 17 2020

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January 14 2020

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January 12 2020

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Edukuj swoją horom curke, że jest coś takiego, jak krzywa Bella ilustrująca dystrybucję IQ w danej społeczności, a za tym wiążącą się z IQ zdolność kontroli popędów. Cała edukacja świata nie powstrzyma kogoś o subsaharyjskim IQ od wzięcia tego, na co ma ochotę, kiedy nie widzi bezpośrednich przeszkód. Stawiając się w pozycji słabości, na przykład nadużywając alkoholu poza domem, albo udając się samotnie w odludne miejsca, zawsze rzucasz k20 przeciwko krzywej Bella, że nie wpadnie akurat 1 i nie trafisz na kogoś z przedziału "some people". Feminizm bazuje na ignorowaniu biologicznej rzeczywistości na rzecz mitów boasowskiej niby-antropologii, dlatego daje najgorsze możliwe wskazówki.
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